Today’s cultural moment

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  1. jenny_o says:


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  2. What intriguing musical instruments. (The gal on the far right deserved better camera time.)

    Now can we see this again, this time performed by fish?
    🐟 🐠 🐡

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  3. red says:

    Sh! don’t ya tell no-buddy but i like it 🙂 That flautist is great and the women playing the bamboo are excellent. Bagpipes, anyone?

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  4. Corrie.S.P. says:

    I really loved that! Thanks for sharing! I wish I could have seen what the girl on the far left was playing. The flutist was great!

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  5. Corrie.S.P. says:

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    Please watch till the end! These people are awesome!

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  6. Wow! In a million years I never expected to see this. 🙂 That was fun to watch and listen to.

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