Find the snowmen!

Supply chain issues are affecting everyone, it seems. Due to a carrot shortage, five of these snowmen have no noses. See if you can find them.

(click to enlarge)

The solution will appear in the comments section later today.

15 Responses to Find the snowmen!

  1. Well, that was relatively easy; helped that they were lined up in rows. Couple of cheats using the squirrels, though. And it was the squirrels who stole the carrots, anyway.

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  2. Ubi Dubium says:

    I have an issue with some of the noses being obscured. I can’t tell if the snowman has no nose, or if it just has a really small nose. Maybe the snowman builder ran out of regular carrots and started using baby carrots! We can’t tell!

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  3. Matt D says:

    Squirrelly pic for sure. Took a few seconds more to find the missing carrots but still less than a minute.

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  4. Josh Sanders says:

    Carrot shortages are tough lol

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  5. Lisa Beth says:

    I’m having the same nose obscurement issue as Ubi. I think I found 4 but might have counted one twice. 😕 I think this breaks my winning streak…😲

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  6. A nose makes a difference! Those noseless guys look like snow zombies.

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  7. GP says:

    There’s one squirrel tail appears to be holding a carrot like a gun. lol

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  8. egorr says:

    Clever use of squirrels!

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  9. Widdershins says:

    Dastardly skwrls and their dastardly tails. 😀

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  10. Dawn Marie says:

    That was fun!!!!

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