Maybe I’ll just have a salad instead

What happens when you crave pork chops, but the pork chops won’t cooperate.

10 Responses to Maybe I’ll just have a salad instead

  1. It’s funny how the bear jumps back out and then just stands there looking at the pigs – so longing for a pork chop!

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  2. Corrie.S.P. says:

    Imagine coming outside and seeing your piggies all scratched up and being like: “what the heck..”
    Then looking at the footage😂

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  3. I’ve read tales of those sows and you don’t want to mess with them. And the boar might have been smaller than his “wife” but I bet his tusks were sharp. The bear would be better off visiting the butcher case… 🤣

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  4. Cederq says:

    You certainly don’t trifle with large sows and boars, they will hurt you and you are tasty with ketchup…

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  5. I’ve come across a couple of bears during my outdoor walks. In both instances, the bear ran away. They know not to mess with Lady Quixote! 😀

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  6. V.M.Sang says:

    Well, pigs can be stroppy, and a stroppy pig is not nice to be near.

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