Advertisements from long, long ago — For the Children™ edition

23 Responses to Advertisements from long, long ago — For the Children™ edition

  1. Sue Cass says:

    Cocaine for toothache? No wonder we have so much drug addiction.

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  2. beth says:

    Love the craziness of these

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  3. Ubi Dubium says:

    That DDT ad. I can’t even.

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  4. Citizen Tom says:

    Cocaine is a toothache cure? Who would have guessed?

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  6. jono51 says:

    Powder the baby in ddt and put it in the car hammock. What could possibly go wrong?

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  7. Corrie.S.P. says:

    Ah yes! “lull-a-baby” hammock! Wonder why we don’t use these anymore😐🤔

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  8. ‘Chubettes.’ Hundreds of little girls must have been lining up for THAT designer label.

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  9. “Acme”? 🤦 lol Boots for buckaroos, and/or green saddle shoes.. who could’ve guessed we’d ever top these?!

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  10. No wonder I was so fidgety in school. We had harsh toilet paper!

    I remember some of these ads. How did my generation live to grow up?

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  11. Those were quite the eye opener!

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  12. Carol says:

    Thanks for the trip down memory lane. I think most of these (except for the cocaine) are right out of my childhood. Food in the 60s was so bad. I remember that Franco spaghetti being one of the better options. Wouldn’t touch the stuff today. 😀

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  13. egorr says:

    $6.95 for a back-of-the-cabin hammock? Highway robbery!!

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  14. Jennie says:

    Cocaine and DDT!

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