Senior moments

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  1. naleta says:

    Several years ago, before my son graduated and moved out, my husband came downstairs, saying “I can’t find my reading glasses.”

    My son looked at him and said, “They’re on top of your head.”

    My husband was in his 50’s at the time.

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  2. ibikenyc says:

    Hey, BoB: Are any of your relatives Cooper’s Hawks??? 😉

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    I can relate to ALL of these, but especially the last one 😂🤣😂

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  4. noelleg44 says:

    Loved these but wish they didn’t hit so close to home! Love the baby picture!

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  5. I love the playing possum bit! 😀

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  6. Nancy says:

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  7. So funny and also true! 🙂 Thanks BoB! Have a nice week! xx Michael

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  8. That Pickles artist must have a hidden camera and microphone in our house.

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  9. Corrie.S.P. says:

    I love the 3rd and 4th best!

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  10. Looking for my glasses! All the time! 😂 Thanks for the close-to-home giggles! 💕🙂

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  11. Priti says:

    So beautiful and funny! .Loved to read it like childhood. Well shared thanks 😂🙏🏻

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  12. […] Senior moments — bluebird of bitterness […]

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  13. I love Pickles! Thanks!

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  14. Carol anne says:

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    Lol have a giggle 😛

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