Friday funnies

14 Responses to Friday funnies

  1. L.K. Latham says:

    The last one is funny, but strangely metaphoric, too.

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  2. jenny_o says:

    The autopsy photos – LOL – and I love the farfelle 😀

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  3. The reduction in swatting fatalities thanks to digital media’s dominance over printed newspapers made me LAUGH. Thanks, dear Bluebird. I needed that! ❤

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  4. Yvonne says:

    The one with the farfalle is going to the students in my Italian class, thanks.

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  5. Enjoyed these. You have to wonder the minds that think these up.

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  6. Eric says:

    Reblogged this on Calculus of Decay and commented:
    The Spiderman one 😂🤣🙋

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  7. ibikenyc says:

    Each funnier than the one before! 😀

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  8. V.M.Sang says:

    I like Spiderman, demise of newspapers, and autopsy photos especially, but they are all funny.
    Thanks for cheering up my day.

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