Find the leopard!

A leopard lurks on the savannah. See if you can find it.

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The solution will appear in the comments section later today.

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  1. Michelle says:

    I will obviously be lunch.

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  2. Found it!

    At which point, of course, I was too late, as it leaped…

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  3. Found it, but it took me a minute. Great pic!

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  4. This one was easy-peasy. I never get this lucky. Usually I look and look until I’m cross-eyed and a headache is starting.

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  5. Not only do these big cats blend in with their surroundings, they are so stealthy, they can walk right up on you and you don’t hear a sound.

    I’m speaking from experience. In my case, it was a close encounter with a mountain lion. It happened almost 50 years ago and still gives me the shivers!

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    • egorr says:

      Many moons ago, in ’67, I was roaming around my folks’ 40 acres on the “other side” of Horseshoe Lake (in Washington), and as I was going down a deer trail towards the lake I heard a rustling behind me. I knew it was a critter, because I was the only Human for miles. I rounded the bend of a slight outcropping and sat on a rock to see if the beastie would show itself, and after about a minute of being VERY quite I saw a (very young) Cougar.

      I really wasn’t worried, I carried sufficient to smack him silly if he tried anything, but as soon as I raised my camera he took off like a shot. Cute little bugger, maybe 90 pounds.

      Other than being treed by a really mad mama bear, I haven’t been scared of wildwood critters. They are truly God’s beautiful Creations!

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      • Great story, thanks for sharing it!

        My close encounter with a mountain lion happened in 1973, in the Missouri Ozarks. I had taken my 2 year old son for a walk through the woods to a narrow stream. My little boy was happily tossing pebbles into the water. I was standing a short distance behind him. I looked up, and there was a mountain lion standing right on the other side of the stream, just a couple of feet away from my little boy. The animal, which looked surprisingly large, was staring at my child!

        It still gives me the shivers…

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        • Your son’s guardian angel was definitely on duty that day.

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          • This is true!! The amazing thing is how my instincts took over. I was only 20 years old and I had no idea of what you are supposed to do in a situation like that, but apparently I did the right things. It came to me like a series of powerful thoughts: Don’t make any sudden moves. Don’t take your eyes off the cat. Slowly pick up your child and put him on your shoulders. Now slowly walk backwards up the hill, staring at the cat the whole way. I did it just like that, while my boy sat quietly on my shoulders, carefully testing the ground behind me with each foot before setting my full weight on it, to make sure there wasn’t a branch or a hole or something that I was about to trip over.

            The very next day, the cattle rancher who lived up the hill from us told my boy’s father that he had just found one of his calves dead down by that stream. The calf was half eaten. And all around the torn body, he saw big cat prints in the mud!

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  6. Dawn Marie says:

    Nice kitty-kitty…🤫

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  7. Today I saw a bear out in the open on a hike in Mount Rainier National Park which was not as scary as a lurking leopard ready to surprise you.

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  8. Eric says:

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    Found him! Amazing camouflage the cat has

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