Friday chuckles

21 Responses to Friday chuckles

  1. Eric says:

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    Love these!!

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  2. Wonderful! Appreciated!

    As for myself at 79 yo, my comic of choice is “Pickles.”

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  3. Hetty Eliot says:

    These guys are some of my favorite cartoon characters ever. Especially Rat and Pig.

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  4. Citizen Tom says:

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    This is a strip I read on a regular basis. Why? Well, it is extremely funny.

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  5. […] Friday chuckles — bluebird of bitterness […]

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  6. Michelle says:

    I’m often too empathetic for sports 😂

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  7. boudicaus says:

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    H/T Citizen Tom

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  8. I live the dream life too. Good comics.

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  9. Kara Aharon says:

    A lot of important life lessons here.

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