Sunday musical offering

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  1. K.L. Hale says:

    Absolutely beautiful 🎶!

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  2. Wow!  First youth choir I have heard that sounds angelic, not merely immature.  Kudos to whoever thought to integrate a jazz/rock drum set into the classical orchestra.  The resulting accompaniment to the singing is gr8.

    I accepted YouTube’s subsequent offer to play *Journey to Zion* as sung by the same church’s adult choir, with another fine accompaniment by the same orchestra (but with an organ rather than a drum set).  They are in the same league as the MTC and orchestra, with a massive sound that still manages to be clear and nuanced.

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    • They’ve been on YT for many years, but I discovered them only recently. It happened the way it usually does with me — I hear a song at a concert and fall in love with it, then I go searching for a good performance of it on YT…. Hours later, I’ve downloaded a bunch of videos and added a few more subscriptions to my list….

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