Find the spider!

A spider lurks somewhere among the candy. See if you can find it.

(click to enlarge)

The solution will appear in the comments section later today.

13 Responses to Find the spider!

  1. GP says:

    About the last thing I’d want in my candy (besides my brother’s grubby hands) is a spider – but I can’t find him.

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  2. Okay, that one was moderately tough. At first, I searched and didn’t find it. Had a beer and looked again, no spider. Smoked some marihuana but still couldn’t find it. Snorted a couple of lines of cocaine, but it was no help. Did a shot of tequila, and… suddenly there were spiders everywherrrrre! 🕷🕷🕷

    Don’t worry, folks. Just kidding. About the tequila. Haha.

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  3. Very difficult to find. The damn thing was running all over the screen! I eventually found it on the web!

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  4. Lisa Beth says:

    Without reading the comments that may hold the answer, I have to admit, I can’t find it. 😳 but I may dive in again later…
    I hope all is well with you Bitter Bluebird!

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  5. Lisa Beth says:

    Failed on second try, THEN saw your answer above. You broke my fabulous winning streak! 😕 ok, I’ll start a new one…

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  6. Cederq says:

    Shucky darn, found it and you already posted the answer… It was fairly easy. At least I beat egorr!

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  7. egorr says:

    OF COURSE I had embiggen it, but found it. CederQ has more time on his hands… and now my eyes hurt.

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  8. Widdershins says:

    Nope, couldn’t find it … sneaky wee beastie. 😀

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