Advertisements from long, long ago — Halloween edition

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  1. I remember those “chewing gum whistles.” That same waxy stuff from which they made those tiny bottles with a drop of soda pop, among other things.

    MiladyJo talks about the local five-and-dime, with a big candy section, an extensive area of the sidewalk in front, covered with dirty, flattened blobs of wax. Better than real gum, at least.

    The Post cereal pack is false advertising. There appear to be two packages of Alpha-Bits. Even in the larger assortment, there were never two of anything good, even half-way good like Raisin Bran. Not shown: shredded wheat and something like Wheaties or Total. We’d get those when the family went to the lake – get up early in the morning or you’ll get the shredded wheat. The packs had little doors you could open in the cardboard and wax liner- just add milk.

    My last lake trip with Dad, he took my buddy Tom and me skiing early. We took along cereal packs and ate them (dry) with one hand, holding on to the tow rope with the other. Over a half-century ago; miss you, Dad.

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  2. Kate says:

    In Australia we didn’t have Halloween during my childhood. It seems very familiar but unfamiliar because of the amount of American television and movie culture that has come to us, like English culture.
    Due to the big stores it’s been promoted here a lot more in the last 20 years.
    I can only imagine the number of sugar-high kids and sore tummies after Halloween treats.

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  3. V.M.Sang says:

    A chewing gum whistle? How does that work, then?

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  4. ktz2 says:

    Oddly I was just thinking about Alpha Bits 2 days ago, disappointed that they don’t make it anymore.
    It’s predictable that some companies will use any means to push their products – such as the cigarettes and beer here. Just throw a pumpkin in the photo and there you go, cigarettes for Halloween ! . . Maybe I’m telling my age but when I was a kid the movie theater snack bar sold candy cigarettes – and people could smoke at the movies too !

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  5. Aww. These are fun! Seems like now, sour is the new sweet. My grandkids and Sunday School class prefer sour candies over sweet or even chocolate (gasp). And hardly any of them appreciate the joy of black licorice. Another indication of the softening of America.

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  6. John Holton says:

    I love old ads… I’m a member of the Vintage Ads group on LiveJournal and the one on Reddit (r/vintageads), so I’ve seen some of these. Where do you get yours?

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  7. Love the catsup. Took me a minute to realize that it was a tomato, not a pumpkin! 🙂

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