Advertisements from long, long ago — M’m! M’m! Good! edition

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  1. bunkerville says:

    That was fun…. and I do recall! :_

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  2. Grace says:

    Good grief – I remember those fizzy soda tablets…

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  3. L.K. Latham says:

    To some of these, I can only say, Yuck! BBQ Jello – seriously?

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  4. Ubi Dubium says:

    Oh, dear. So many comments I have on this.
    The brownie mix was the first thing I noticed. They are marketing it to make for children, but they put walnuts in them. Just no. Then there’s bacon that sets your toaster on fire. Spam and limas, so your kids can conveniently throw them both out together. (Unless they like spam, in which case you’ve ruined it with limas.) Liver loaf, scary clown pickles, and BBQ in your Jello. Wonder why people weigh more now? It’s because we aren’t faced with muck like this at the table.

    And there’s the obsession people had with things being “digestible”. They wouldn’t give kids normal pie because it wasn’t “digestible” enough? Sheesh, it’s like the way people obsess over gluten these days.

    Although I do want vitamin doughnuts. That sounds awesome!

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    • My kids would never eat anything containing visible chunks of walnut, but if they couldn’t see the walnuts, they didn’t mind them. I had a favorite pumpkin spice cake recipe that called for walnuts, so I put the nuts in the blender with the eggs and spun ’em around until the nuts were thoroughly pulverized. Worked like a charm. 🙂


  5. iannieam says:

    Love these old ads. I remember a lot of them but there are a few I’ve never heard of.

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  6. ibikenyc says:

    Oh. My. Goodness: The Cowsills?!

    “. . . I love the flower girl
    Oh, I don’t know just why
    She simply caught my eye. . . ”

    Best earworm ever! 😀

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  7. ktz2 says:

    Hey Mom, what’s for dinner ? Spam & Lima beans…or Liver Loaf and clown pickles? um, no thanks, I’m not hungry any more. Yes I know children in China are starving, let’s send them this Liver Loaf !

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  8. Some great, and some very disturbing, ads here, Blue.

    Well, who could resist “good eatingest” brownies!??

    And every bottle of 7-Up gave you new energy in 2 to 6 minutes! It’s science!

    Canada Dry Ginger Ale, a favorite of my yout’. Canada Dry other flavors, never. Preferred Nehi.

    Is that a little girl pouring hot water!?? Unsupervised by an adult? Call Children and Family Services!

    Ubi Dubium is right about the bacon setting your toaster on fire. I possibly remember reading about that.

    Vitamin donuts and liver loaf for your daily vitamin B1, like that’s all you need. Hahaha.

    My fillings record that I went through a lot of fizzies.

    But “Like good children, never beaten” takes the prize.

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  9. I remember some of the products but not those ads.

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  10. Herb says:

    Vitamin Donuts! Yay!

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  11. egorr says:

    I remember ’em all – and that bacon was horrible.
    My family tried the liver-in-a-can. Once. Never again.

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  12. Apparently, my mom couldn’t afford some of these things. Thank God. I didn’t notice the pickle clowns, lol. (Why does no one ever talk about their fear of lima beans?)

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  13. It grieves me to admit I remember some of these. Vitamin Donuts! Hahaha!! 🤣

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  14. pkadams says:

    Kool-Aid! Treat your child with sugar and artificial colors! I think my favorite is the gay chocolates.

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  15. I guess I missed out on all the fun. I remember very little of these ads because we had no TV and were out of the country a lot. I’m counting my blessings right now.

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