Many are cold, but few are frozen

12 Responses to Many are cold, but few are frozen

  1. I hate snow. Especially when I’m in it. So glad I don’t live in some state out west like Wyoming or Wisconsin, ya know, Blue?

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  2. I love these. I would have loved a full service dog park when I was shoveling the tunnels for my dog many years ago. Now I’m in a senior apt building and someone else shovels the snow. But I love it. The guys throwing the snow on each other’s roofs was a hoot.

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  3. Humor is best served cold – I love these. When I was little, I would have even tried a dog dish to slide down a hill in the winter. Also, I wanted to mention I enjoyed seeing the b.o.b. bluebird with a yuletide look over the holidays. Made me smile every time I stopped by!

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  4. It is perfect! Kudos to Lady Q!

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