Find the snowman!

A snowman lurks among the snowflakes. See if you can find it.

(click to enlarge)

22 Responses to Find the snowman!

  1. Cederq says:

    Oh, way to easy, didn’t need to embiggen it… I foresee a lot harder ones in the future, just call me owizardo Kevin…

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  2. Rosemary B says:

    did not even needd to biggify but sneezy easy
    Happy drabby Thursday

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  3. I second the first and second !!! I first the first and second the second? Oh well seems like I’m the third to say this was easy !

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  4. Testing testing can I comment or is WordPress stopping me? Again!!!???

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  5. Citizen Tom says:

    I have my doubts about the veracity of the people who said it was easy, especially those who said they did not need to enlarge the picture. That snowman is a little guy.

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    • Cederq says:

      Them’s are internet fighting words… I was recently checked for vision and I am 20/15… I saw it right off. Of course, I am a retired nurse and scrubbed for a neuro-orthopedic surgeon and looking at very tiny things does help see very tiny things…

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      • Citizen Tom says:

        Looking at very tiny things does help see very tiny things? Well, I can agree with that. Presumably, you mean to say you practice at this sort of thing.

        Seriously, I am just teasing. I tried “embiggening” the image. Didn’t help much. So, I backed up and reduced the magnification so I could look for a break in pattern. When I saw one, I “embiggened” the image and verified that it was the little snowman that did not fit the pattern.

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    • I would have thought it was hard if I’d tried it before I had my cataract surgery. 🙂

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  6. Maybe there is a snowy man

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  7. I second the first, second, and third. Or should that be I fourth the first three?

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  8. bethbfromindiana says:

    This was almost too easy, but no complaints. I’ve had a long day, so I appreciate an easy one now and then.

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  9. Found him fast here too. But he is pretty doggone cute!

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  10. K.L. Hale says:

    Found him! But I need new glasses AGAIN! ❄️❄️

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  11. Found him, but it took me a while. I credit that to not feeling well.

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  12. egorr says:

    The little guy jumped out at me right away!
    2 seconds, no embiggen.
    No, really…

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  13. GP says:

    Got ’em!

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  14. Woohoo!! First one I found in under 15 seconds! ⛄️

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