Suffering from burnout

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  1. Ubi Dubium says:

    Years ago, right beside my college campus, there was a convenience store named the Tinee Giant Food Store. Except one time when some lights had burned out, and it was temporarily the “Tinee G od Store. Years later, long after the sign had been repaired, long after it had been sold and had some other name, everybody still called it the “Tiny God” but most people had no idea why.

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  2. Cracked me up. Love those broken signs.

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  3. Lisa Beth says:

    Thank you Bitter Bluebird Bird for lightning my heart today with needed chuckles! ❤

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  4. Paul Sweet says:

    I remember passing a gas station long ago that said HELL.

    Don’t forget the Chinese restaurant at the end of A Christmas Story whose sign said BO LING.

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  5. Linda Lee Adams/Lady Quixote says:

    Oh….. I was eating dinner just now and almost DIED LAUGHING! 😉

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  6. I used to live across from a hotel and would call them and tell them ‘Your E is out ” or whichever letter it was.

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  7. Tricia says:

    Ha! I actually used to work for a company who did neon lighting repair (aka as replacing lightbulbs). Every morning I’d get a listing from the night crew of businesses they had driven by the night before whose signage was out. My job was to call these businesses, tell them their lights were out and sell them on our repair services. Worst job I ever had, lol. Builds character they say…

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  8. ibikenyc says:

    I love these missing-letter ones 🙂

    (It’s funny anyway, but I can’t figure out what “FREE HIV” was supposed to be. Anybody?)

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  9. Forget the “Big & Tall” and “Plus Size” shops; just cut to the chase and tell like it is: “Fat & Easy. 🤣 🤣

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  10. Kara Aharon says:

    Funny even if some of them are photoshopped.

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  11. Widdershins says:

    Excellent collection. 😀

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