Monday chuckles

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  1. Sue Cass says:

    I can’t believe I actually watched that whole silly thing. 🙂

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  2. jenny_o says:

    “they had totes run out of cream” – LOL! and the piercings that kept migrating and disappearing!! I am still cackling like a demented person here 😀 Thanks, b.o.b., SO much. Your blog makes my day!

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  3. egorr says:

    This video has been around a while, but it’s ALWAYS fun to watch and listen to!!


  4. ibikenyc says:

    Finally caught my breath enough to comment! HI-LA-RI-OUS!

    (I, too, would be rioting over no cream!)

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  5. Heltau says:

    The guy is amazing. Always funny and NO cuss words so far in any of his videos. That in itself is what is so amazing about him. You can be funny without cussing. Who would have thought?
    Happy Valetines day everyone.

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