Wednesday weirdness

(Thanks to my friend Mitch for this one.)

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  1. Herb says:

    But can men use it, too?

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  2. The sad part is that the girls and women today get depressed when they can’t get themselves looking like the photo shopped images, BB

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  3. trentpmcd says:

    Yep, too true. And I like that exotic pronunciation Ad-O-Bay…

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  4. Linda Lee @LadyQuixote says:

    “My skin feels like plastic!” 😀

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  5. Most images are photo shopped. Everything I post photo wise, is tweeked a little. It helps celebrities go incognito so easily. They look nothing like their photos. 🙂

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  6. SasjaL says:

    Wow! Beauty without toxic chemicals … 😉

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  7. LOL! Very funny. Yep, this stuff works like a charm. 🙂

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  8. Corrie.S.P. says:

    “Maybe she was born with it!”
    Haha, this is hilarious.

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  9. Katherine says:

    I know this is meant to be satire but honestly it’s real life. Everyone is fake nowadays. That is why I dislike social media, it’s a whitewashed version of people’s lives with filters and editing. I saw an ultimate catfishing video on YouTube where a 60+yo grandma did her makeup and put on a wig and looked like a complete different person. My husband was shocked when I showed him.

    What’s sad to me is that modern beauty standards and filters remove uniqueness that actually made people beautiful in the past. Perfect teeth, smooth skin, no freckles, it removes every bit of uniqueness that makes a person different and not a Barbie/Ken.

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  10. ibikenyc says:

    Thinking of the Twilight Zone starring Suzy Parker (“Number 12 Looks Just Like You”).

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  11. Mary says:

    Cudos to your friend Mitch!👍

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