Monkey business

(Thanks to my friend Nancy for this one.)

15 Responses to Monkey business

  1. Cederq says:

    What’s so unique? Same way I eat it too…Skin is very tasty…

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  2. egorr says:

    THAT, boyz ‘n Girlz, is how ya eats a banana!

    Any questions?

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  3. V.M.Sang says:

    Why peel it if you’re going to eat the skin, anyway?

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  4. says:


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  5. Nancy says:

    Thanks BoB 💙

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  6. jenny_o says:

    The last bit made me laugh! I wonder if he ate the very end or if that was a bridge too far even for him! lol

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  7. ibikenyc says:

    Literally LOLed at this, especially as I never saw it coming that he was gonna eat the skin, too! 😀

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