A little “thank you” would have been nice

(Thanks to my friend Nancy for this one.)

9 Responses to A little “thank you” would have been nice

  1. I guess that’s a cow’s version of gratitude. 🙂

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  2. Nancy says:

    Thanks BoB ☺️♥️

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  3. Sue Cass says:

    Try milking that one and he’ll do the same thing. lol

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  4. ibikenyc says:


    Love how he seemed to back up only by accident.

    No good deed goes unpunished, for sure!

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  5. Corrie.S.P. says:

    This was nothing. Spend 5 minuets getting a goat out of a tree to only come back 5 minutes later and she is stuck again😂
    Looks like he hit hard😬 But the men look ok.

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  6. Tsi Harter says:

    Be happy the bull wasn’t really angry. I do not like Bahama cattle!

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