Advertisements from long, long ago — House Beautiful® edition

16 Responses to Advertisements from long, long ago — House Beautiful® edition

  1. Anyone wearing shorts while sitting on those vinyl kitchen chairs would likely have to unstick their legs when they stood up!

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    • The past was a different world, eh, BoB!

      “unstick their legs” – yes, I was just thinking how I can still feel, and hear, those chairs, decades since I last sat on one.

      And of course, pretty soon, at least one of the chairs develops a rip and the whole set looks like it’s aged ten years.

      I want the one with the table that the sides fold down, though.

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  2. John Holton says:

    Love, love, love old ads!

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  3. egorr says:

    Interesting – when I started painting cars back in ’70, we used an AUTOMOTIVE paint by DuPont called Centari Dulux. No longer available, of course, thanks to The EPA.
    Automotive paint nowadays, FYI, is not cheap, it’s between $300-700 a gallon!!

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    • Kakola says:

      I painted my ‘60 VW with house paint, changing it from a greyish silver to a deep cream. I sold it to go to college, but I saw it drive by some seven years later, still looking presentable.

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      • egorr says:

        Interesting, because house paint does not have the temperature range nor the high UV resistance of automotive paint. Must be kept in a garage or carport, out of the sun.
        Ask me how I know…

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  4. Hahaha!! The woman on the stairs. I often pose that way, don’t you? It’s just so damn comfortable and tres chic-looking!

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  5. jenny_o says:

    Some extra-good ones in this bunch – what on earth is the woman wearing in the last picture?? And white carpet? nope 🙂

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  6. The Hinoeuma says:

    I miss Cannon Towels.

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  7. ibikenyc says:

    West Coast Woods could be one of the “Can’t Brain Today; I’ve Got The Duh” entries.

    I would happily deal with sticky legs (and tears in the vinyl) to have one of those fabulous dinette sets!

    Drooling over the pink washer and dryer.

    And where do I sign up for an all-in-one sink / drainboard like that Kohler one?

    Love ’em all! Thanks, BoB! 😀

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  8. ibikenyc says:

    PS: Love “I’m so old I can remember having to stay home if I was expecting a phone call.” Me, too, and I still feel like I have to be sitting down in the house to talk even if I initiate the call!

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