Good riddance

October 3, 2014

Andrew summarizes six years of Eric Holder as attorney general in less than three and a half minutes, hitting all the lowlights along the way:

For further enlightenment:

The Moral Failures of Eric Holder, by Victor Davis Hanson



“Shut up,” he explained

May 21, 2014


Find God in 60 days!

November 4, 2012

Andrew Klavan made this PSA in 2009, but it is, if anything, even more relevant today than it was three years ago… and I’m pretty sure the offer is still valid.

Why the Obamaconomy is such a disaster

November 1, 2012

Andrew Klavan explains it all, and in less than four and a half minutes!

Targeted by jihadis? Don’t lose your head

September 16, 2012

Andrew Klavan made this helpful video more than a year ago, but in light of recent events, we could probably all use a little refresher.

Flashback: Remember when Senator Obama promised that if he was elected president, Muslim hostility toward the U.S. would cease? 

Elites explain why the rest of us are so despicable

August 25, 2012

Path to Prosperity vs. Path to Bankruptcy

August 13, 2012

Andrew Klavan made this video more than a year ago, when Paul Ryan was still a relative unknown. It was good then, and it’s even better now.

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