Happy birthday, Bob

February 18, 2019

When the bluebird of bitterness was hatched back in 2011, no one dreamed that we’d still be here eight years later, primarily because no one had any idea that we existed. Well, the joke’s on them, because we’re still here!

This year’s celebration was delayed a few days by circumstances beyond our control. First there was a huge blizzard that shut everything down…

…then one of our interns got picked up for flying with a suspended license, and had to be bailed out…

…and then we couldn’t agree on what type of party to have. Fanny and Fifi wanted to have a fancy dress ball.

Murray wanted a murder mystery party. He saw one on TV once and he thought it sounded like fun.

Laverne and Eulalia said that was the stupidest idea they’d ever heard.

Thornton wanted to have a pool party, but the heater on the pool is still broken. (Otto was supposed to get it repaired, but as usual, he forgot.)

Penelope suggested a wine tasting party, but since we only drink Bluebird Bitter™ around here, that suggestion went nowhere.

In the end, Bob told Ada, Hannah, Eve, and Nan to handle it.

Hannah hired the photographer. Her friend Laticia tipped her off that this guy would work for peanuts.

Ada ordered the flowers. Her friend Charlene recommended this florist because — according to Charlene — he has great taste. And she was right! All the floral arrangements tasted great!

Nan was in charge of the entertainment. She put together a great variety show…

…with a couple of tap dancers…

…a figure skater…

and a comedian.

Eve handled the refreshments.

As usual, Vinnie offered to help. 

So did Eloise…

…and so did Rex.

Great Uncle Norbert and Great Aunt Phyllis flew in from Sydney…

…and Cousin Chester flew in from Cambridge!

A grand time was had by all…even Otto and Bob!

 Here’s to another year of high-flying featherbrained fun!

Happy birthday, Bob

February 15, 2018

In the seven years since the bluebird of bitterness was hatched, it has gone from an obscure little blog that no one had ever heard of to an obscure little blog that most people have never heard of. More importantly, it has provided more or less steady employment to Bob’s brother Otto and his sisters Nan, Ada, Hannah, and Eve. Bob was even able to hire a few new employees this year, which made the annual office party a lot more fun for his siblings, since they were able to leave all the planning and preparations to the new hires.

Sylvia volunteered to handle the refreshments. There’s nothing Sylvia enjoys more than feeding people, unless it’s trying out new recipes on her unsuspecting kids.

Lamar and Lucille helped by gathering ingredients for her.

Trisha and Victoria made the party hats…

Doreen did the floral arrangements…

… and Virgil and Artemis were in charge of games, even though everyone knew what the games would end up being if Virgil and Artemis were in charge.

Cleo and Mimi were the entertainment committee. Their cousin Cicilia is an up-and-coming opera singer, currently starring in “The Thieving Magpie,” and they persuaded her to come and warble a few arias.

Everyone said the cupcakes Sylvia made were too pretty to eat… then went ahead and ate them anyway.

Arnold took first place in the skateboard competition…

… and Cicilia’s singing was a big hit with everyone!

Well, almost everyone. Otto grumbled because there were no English subtitles…

…and Lamar and Lucille got into an argument over whether “The Thieving Magpie” or “The Barber of Seville” was Rossini’s greatest opera. It ended the way Lamar and Lucille’s arguments usually end.

Bob had to threaten to fire the both of them if they didn’t stop their squabbling, and he told Lamar to go soak his head.

Which Lamar did.

In spite of all that, it was a great day. There was a congratulatory call from Mom and Dad down in Florida…

…and one from second cousin Schlomo in New York…

…and even one from third cousin Robin in Dorchester-on-Thames!

All in all, an anniversary to remember.

Happy birthday, Bob: Now we are six

February 16, 2017

When the bluebird of bitterness (a.k.a. Bob) decided to go into the blogging business six years ago, he asked his siblings Otto, Ada, Nan, Eve, and Hannah to join him. Since jobs for unemployed birds without any marketable skills were pretty thin on the ground, all of them eagerly accepted. Well, “eagerly” might be overstating the case a little… still, six years of long hours and lousy pay later, they’re all still here, and everyone agreed that it was an anniversary worth celebrating.

Nan handled the invitations, primarily because she’s the only one whose handwriting is legible. Everyone else’s looks like chicken scratch.

She sent them out by carrier pigeon to save on postage.

Eve headed up the decorations committee. She was on a very tight budget, but Eve has a knack for getting her friends to work for nothing and consider it a privilege to do so.

Her friend Louella was thrilled when Eve asked her to make the party hats. There’s nothing Louella loves more than making fancy hats.

Eve’s friend Skylar did the floral arrangements. He has a real gift for it… not to mention a brother-in-law who owns a wholesale greenhouse.

Hannah was in charge of refreshments. We couldn’t afford a caterer this year, but fortunately Hannah has lots of friends who are really good at hunting and gathering.

Her pals Ambrose and Earlene said they’d be glad to help.

So did her buddy Wendell.

Phoebe and Vinnie pitched in too.

Ada was in charge of entertainment. With such a tight budget, it was a challenge that would have scared off most birds.

But not Ada. She knew a barbershop quartet that would sing for any occasion in exchange for food and beer. She met them at her best friend Charlene’s engagement party last November.

She also has a friend who’s a stand-up comedian and who owed her a favor (she babysat his kids for him when he was in rehab), and she got him to tell some jokes.

To no one’s surprise, Otto didn’t get most of the jokes. Otto has always tended to be kind of humor impaired.

As usual, there was plenty of Bluebird Bitter on hand… maybe just a little too much.

When Bob has had too much to drink, he has a tendency to strike up conversations with inanimate objects.

Still, everyone agreed it was a great party… even the ones who couldn’t remember much the next morning!

Happy birthday, Bob

February 15, 2016

It’s hard to believe, but five years have passed since the bluebird of bitterness was hatched. Although Nan, Eve, Otto, Hannah, and Ada had hoped to throw a party to celebrate, plans were derailed when they all came down with bird flu. By the time everyone had recovered, it was too late to do any planning or preparation; so instead of a party, they just had birdseed birthday cake and watched this guy playing the “Angry Birds” theme on YouTube.

Happy birthday, Bob

February 16, 2015

Sunday was Bob’s birthday, so we held a little celebration. Last year’s party was a tough act to follow, but I think everyone agreed this year’s was even better… well, maybe not better, but just as good… okay, maybe not just as good, but pretty close. Here are some pictures Nan and Eve took:

The invitations said “casual attire,” but no one was surprised when Elvira showed up wearing a fancy sequined onesie. Elvira just doesn’t know the meaning of the word “casual.”

Ralph and Edna were the entertainment committee. They contacted a local talent agency and auditioned several acts, but Ralph kept falling asleep, so Edna had to make the final decision without his help.

That’s how we ended up with this clown doing tricks on a tricycle.

Wally was in charge of the food, and it was really good. Unfortunately, Wally hadn’t planned for such a large crowd, and there wasn’t enough to go around.

Things got a little contentious.

Otto had to make an emergency trip to the deli to get more sandwiches. He was pretty ticked off. He said Wally should have planned better. Wally said that he would have, if only certain birdbrains had had the decency to RSVP, as the invitations clearly indicated.

In an attempt to lighten the mood a little, Lavinia got up and warbled a few songs — “El Condor Pasa,” “Rockin’ Robin,” “Fly Like an Eagle,” “Bird on a Wire,” and the theme from “Bye Bye Birdie.”

The audience’s response was not uniformly positive. Fortunately,  Otto got back with more sandwiches just in the nick of time.

After lunch, Maxine led everyone in singing “Happy Birthday” to Bob.

You can tell from Bob’s expression how thrilled he was.

But then we had the biggest surprise of the day! Look who just flew in! It’s Great Uncle Arthur! And look what he brought with him…


Happy birthday, Bob

February 15, 2014

The bluebird of bitterness was hatched three years ago today. To celebrate the occasion, we had a little party with the office staff.

This is the photographer Bob’s sister Ada hired for the party. Unfortunately, his camera wasn’t working, so all we have is what was caught on the hotel’s security cameras.

This is Blanche, who works in the mailroom. She was in charge of the invitations, which she sent out via Twitter.

Bob’s brother Otto hired this trio to sing for the party. They were pretty good, but LOUD. My ears are still ringing.

Bob’s sister Nan hired this guy to make the party hats. She said one of her friends recommended him. If I were Nan, I’d get new friends.

No one here has any clue who this kid is — she just happened to be passing through the courtyard while the party was going on. She stopped long enough to snap a few pictures, then she left. Maybe she works for the local TV station.

Smoking wasn’t allowed in the hotel, so Leonard and Marvin had to go up on the roof every time they wanted a smoke.

This is the caterer Bob’s sister Eve hired for the party. I think he’s her hairdresser’s second cousin. Or was it her next-door neighbor’s parole officer’s brother? One or the other….

A guest checking out the buffet.

Everyone raved about how good the food was.

To no one’s surprise, Ralph drank a little too much. Ralph is the reason we always have a designated flier.

Our branch managers, managing their branch.

One of the guests checking out the hotel pool.

A wonderful time was had by all.

Yes, ALL.

Can’t wait until next year!

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