I’m dreaming of a racially diverse Christmas

December 23, 2015

If you saw the recent video of Yale students signing a petition to repeal the First Amendment, then it won’t surprise you to see George Mason University students signing a petition to ban “White Christmas.” If these kids are representative of their generation, as I pray they are not, this country is doomed.

On your Marx… get set…

November 10, 2015

Ever wonder why shampoo has to have instructions on the bottle? It’s because of people like these university students.

Bye bye baby

August 31, 2015

For further enlightenment:

The Butchers of Planned Parenthood, by Kevin D. Williamson

Bakin’ Baby Syndrome, by Mark Steyn

Planned Parenthood’s Pathetic ‘3 percent’ Lie, by Rich Lowry

The Barbarity of a Nation, by George Will

Let’s Face It, Planned Parenthood is Evil, by David Harsanyi

The Core Dishonesty of Abortion Defenders, by Mona Charen

Planned Parenthood Accuses Undercover Sting of Horrific Practices, by The Barbed Wire

Don’t know much about history

June 26, 2015

Look out, college — here they come!

Dude, where’s my ID?

November 3, 2014

Oslo called; they want their peace prize back

October 21, 2014

Hey, everyone makes mistakes.


The trouble with political jokes is they get elected

July 29, 2014

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