Caturday funnies — Barkalounger edition

August 4, 2018

It’s a dog’s life

July 9, 2018

Mercury rising

July 5, 2018

Caturday funnies

May 26, 2018

Puppy love

April 30, 2018

It’s a dog’s life

March 22, 2018

A man was out for a stroll one day when he saw a dog tied up in front of a house, with a sign next to it that read “Talking Dog for Sale.”

This piqued the man’s curiosity, so he approached the dog and said, “Is this true? You can talk?”

“Yep,” said the dog.

The man was impressed. “Tell me more,” he said.

“Well, I discovered my gift pretty young,” said the dog. “I wanted to serve my country, so I went to the CIA and told them about my ability, and soon they had me jetting all over the world, sitting in rooms with spies and world leaders, none whom ever suspected what I was up to. I was one of the agency’s most valuable spies eight years running. But all that jetting around really wore me out, and I wanted to settle down, so I took a job at the airport doing undercover security work, wandering near suspicious characters and eavesdropping on their conversations. I uncovered some incredible dealings and was awarded a bunch of medals. Then I got me a wife, and we raised a litter of puppies, and now I’m retired.”

The man was astounded. He went to the front door of the house and rang the doorbell, and asked the owner how much he wanted for the dog.

“Ten dollars,” said the owner.

“But this dog is amazing!” said the man. “Why on earth would you sell him so cheap?”

“Because he’s a liar,” said the owner. “He didn’t really do any of that crap.”

Beware the Ides of March

March 15, 2018

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