The unbearable whiteness of being

January 26, 2016

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The unbearable whiteness of being

November 20, 2015

Right next door to Starbucks.

My cup runneth over with guilt

March 24, 2015

If, through no fault of your own, you happen to be a person of pallor… and if you were imprudent enough to venture into a Starbucks during their ill-conceived “Race Together” initiative… and if as a result you now you find yourself wracked with guilt and shame over your white privilege and retrograde attitudes… well, you’ve come to the right place, because this guy has the solution to your problems:

The best part of waking up is white guilt in your cup

March 21, 2015

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Happy birthday, Martin

January 15, 2015

It’s the 86th anniversary of the birth of Martin Luther King Jr., who led the American civil rights movement back when it was actually about civil rights. He was in many ways the polar opposite of the clowns now running the movement, who do their level best to stir up racial animosity and who stoke the fires of resentment among the victims of Lyndon Johnson’s so-called Great Society for political and financial gain.

I was in eighth grade when Dr. King was murdered, and knew little about him apart from some speeches he gave that were broadcast on the evening news; but as I learned more about him, I came to admire him. I appreciate him even more as time goes by, although I’m sorry to say that that is largely due to the pathetic antics of the schmucks who inherited his mantle and who have turned his dream of a colorblind society on its head.


Identity politics

September 23, 2014

It’s all fun and games until someone else’s grievance trumps yours.


Holder vs. King

August 27, 2013

Martin Luther King Jr. dreamed of a color-blind society. Eric Holder thinks his job is to make sure King’s dream never comes true.

From The Wall Street Journal:

Give Eric Holder credit for cognitive racial dissonance. On nearly the same day the Attorney General spoke in Washington to honor the 50th anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I have a dream” speech, his Justice Department sued to block the educational dreams of minority children in Louisiana.

Late last week, Justice asked a federal court to stop 34 school districts in the Pelican State from handing out private-school vouchers so kids can escape failing public schools. Mr. Holder’s lawyers claim the voucher program appears “to impede the desegregation progress” required under federal law. Justice provides little evidence to support this claim, but there couldn’t be a clearer expression of how the civil-rights establishment is locked in a 1950s time warp.

Passed in 2012, Louisiana’s state-wide program guarantees a voucher to students from families with incomes below 250% of poverty and who attend schools graded C or below. The point is to let kids escape the segregation of failed schools, and about 90% of the beneficiaries are black.

For example, says the complaint, in several of those 22 districts “the voucher recipients were in the racial minority at the public school they attended before receiving the voucher.” In other words, Justice is claiming that the voucher program may be illegal because minority kids made their failing public schools more white by leaving those schools to go to better private schools. [continue reading]

Holder’s worst nightmare.

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