Sunday musical offering

February 5, 2023

O happy souls, how fast you go,
And leave me far behind;
Don’t stay for me, for now I see
The Lord is good and kind.
Go on, go on, my soul says go,
And I’ll come after you;
Though I’m behind I feel inclined

To sing hosanna too. 

God give you strength your race to run
And keep your footsteps right;
Though fast you go, and I so slow,
You are not out of sight.
When you get to that world above,
And all God’s glory see,

On that bright shore, your journey o’er,
Then look you out for me. 

I’m coming on as fast I can,
No toil or danger fear;
God give me strength, may I at length
Be one among you there.
Then all together we shall meet,
Together we will sing;
Together we will praise our God
And everlasting King.

Musical offering for Holy Saturday

March 31, 2018

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