The pun also rises

June 11, 2021

Hooked on phonics

April 7, 2021

Mrs. Jordan’s first grade students were in the school library, browsing through picture books, when little Emily suddenly said, “Hey, look at this! It’s a frickin’ elephant!”

Mrs. Jordan was shocked. “What did you say?” she asked.

“I said it’s a frickin’ elephant,” Emily replied. “It says so right here on the picture.”

Mrs. Jordan took the book and looked at it, and sure enough, the child was right:


Happy National Library Week

April 5, 2021

Cartoons for literature lovers from John Atkinson.

See more of John Atkinson’s work at Wrong Hands.

Hot cross puns

March 31, 2021

From the twisted mind of Marcus Connor.



Let them eat pi

March 14, 2021

Happiness is a warm pun

February 17, 2021

Sunday funnies

November 22, 2020

No gnus is good gnus

November 5, 2020

A zoo was getting a new wildebeest, but the animal arrived a few days earlier than expected, before its cage was ready. The crew that was supposed to lay the floor tiles was due to arrive the following day, but for the moment, all the tiles were stacked in a corner of the cage.

There was no place else to put the wildebeest, so into the cage it went. The zookeeper gave it some food and fresh water, locked the cage, and left for the night.

When he returned the next morning to see how the wildebeest was doing, the zookeeper was astonished to see that all the floor tiles had been neatly laid. The cage was still locked, and the zookeeper had the only key. He called the veterinarian and told him what had happened. The veterinarian came and examined the animal, and finding it to be perfectly healthy, concluded that it was just a typical gnu, and tiler, too.


Get thee to a punnery

October 16, 2020

Sunday funnies

October 4, 2020

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